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The Hemingway Deception

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Ana Karras is running from her past.
Catalina Reyes is running toward hers.
Washington must stop them both.

Ana Karras is hiding among the millions in Manhattan, recovering from near-death at the hands of Cuban Intelligence. When she begins an ill-fated quest to find her missionary parents lost somewhere in Latin America, she’s haunted by her past and coerced into a new mission—to capture Catalina “Cat” Reyes, a rogue Cuban assassin bound for Washington. Cat’s mission could well start another Caribbean crisis. To avert a Cuban-American war, Ana must do the unthinkable—she must once again become Ana Montilla, the notorious FARC guerrilla. As Ana struggles to keep from devolving permanently into Ana Montilla, Cat must overcome past failures and reclaim her skills as Cuba’s top assassin—or die. Ana and Cat are on a collision course. Their paths are not separate, but one. Their pasts inexplicably linked. Their futures reliant on each other. Still, it’s the secrets kept from them that will be the end game. Two deadly women. One treacherous mission. What is Operation Perro? Why does everyone want Ana Karras and Cat Reyes dead? The answer is Hemingway.

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Praise for The Hemingway Deception:

“Great characters, non-stop action, a twisted plot, and exotic locations—The Hemingway Deception is exactly what an international thriller should be. Couldn’t put it down.”
—DP Lyle, Award-Winning Author of the Jake Longly and Cain/Harper Thriller Series

The Hemingway Deception is a rollercoaster ride of international intrigue, governmental deception and the meaning of family. Tj O’Connor’s real-life knowledge of geopolitical affairs shines through on every quick-turning page. Bravo!”
—Matt Coyle, Author of the Bestselling Rick Cahill Crime Series

“There are no wimps in this fast-paced thriller, male or female. The relentless action will have you flying through the pages, eager to know what happens next.”
—Terry Shames, Author of the Award-Winning Samuel Craddock Series

“A riveting ‘ripped from the headlines’ international thriller: Two women fighting for what they believe; a horrifying assassination plot; deadly enemies, including some in our own government; and a mysterious operative named Hemingway who must be found. Tj O’Connor, a real life anti-terrorism expert, takes us on a roller coaster ride of action, intrigue, betrayal and stunning twists in The Hemingway Deception. Read it!”
—R.G. Belsky, Award-Winning Author of the Clare Carlson Series

“Subterfuge reigns supreme in Tj O’Connor’s latest page-turning thriller, The Hemingway Deception. With government operatives and assassins at every turn the stakes literally couldn’t be higher. Highly recommended!”
—Bruce Robert Coffin, Award-Winning Author of the Detective Byron Mysteries

“A wildly imaginative non-stop twisting thrill ride. Tj O’Connor’s The Hemingway Deception reels you in from the start. Full of suspense and surprises right to the end, this is a page turner you won’t be able to put down. O’Connor nails it!”
—David Sears, Retired USN, Former SEAL and Author of Smarter Not Harder
“From the plush offices of Washington, D.C. to the steaming jungles of Central America; from Havana to the U.S. border, Tj O’Connor proves he is an author with a clear handle on his terrain, and the expertise to craft a first-class spy thriller. O’Connor deftly weaves a plot that pits powerful domestic political alliances against Latin American ideologies that erupt in sudden and unexpected violence as both factions compete in the hunt for a nearly-mythical covert operative code-named ‘Hemingway.’ The Hemingway Deception is a genuine spy novel with all the trimmings: there is treachery, intrigue and violence aplenty…and of course, deceit. It has a plot that’s whiplash-quick, and moves faster than the speed of deception itself.”
—Baron R. Birtcher, Award-Winning Author of Reckoning
“Tj O’Connor brings together his background as an intelligence officer and consultant with deep experience in the field of counterterrorism for a riveting story that takes the reader on a trip through the urban ghettos and steaming jungles of Latin America—not to mention those in Washington, D.C.—that have become the playing fields of modern terrorism, narco-trafficking, and nasty geopolitics. There are enough well-drawn players here with the conflicting and hidden loyalties to keep the reader guessing which side is up and who can be trusted. O’Connor also has a feel for the impact and challenges this work can have for those who inhabit this world, not only on their lives but also on those they love, a human dimension that is often lacking in other portrayals. Definitely recommended reading.”
—Bill Rapp, CIA Veteran and Author of the Cold War Thriller Series with Coffeetown Press
The Hemingway Deception is a fast paced political thriller that grabs the reader early and won’t let go…a masterfully written political thriller the reader will devour.”
—Larry Enmon, U.S. Secret Service (Ret.) and Author of Worst Case Scenario
The Hemingway Deception is a thriller for any reader wanting to be that fly on the wall. O’Connor never leaves the reader behind. And the denouement, beyond superb.”
—Thomas Sloan, Retired Secret Service Agent and Author of Bratva’s Rose Tattoo and Guardians of Democracy

“Tj O’Connor does it again in The Hemingway Deception. His action-packed writing is founded in real-world experience with anti-terrorism and threat analysis consulting. This time, he adds kick-ass women to the mix, building in multiple layers of complexity often overlooked in thrillers.”
—Dawn Brotherton, Author of the Jackie Austin Mysteries and Eastover Treasures

“Tj O’Connor takes the reader on a fast-paced journey of international intrigue, laced with the dangers of criminal cartels and hostile intelligence operatives, overlayed with the even more despicable actions of American politicians. Tj spins a story that twists and turns and navigates through the jungles of Central and South America, as well as the halls of government agencies in Washington, DC. A well-written and suspenseful book by a master author with years of personal experience navigating the very agencies and situations that he writes about.”
—Gregory Olmstead, Retired U.S. Military Intelligence Officer, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, and Former USG Senior Advisor on Anti-terrorism

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