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The Pappa Files: Lightning Strikes Again!

Jun 12, 2024

Pappa Date: May 25, 2024. Somewhere in Winchester, Virginia.

I am Pappa. There are many pappas. But I am unique. Trust me. I am an anti-terrorism consultant by profession. An author of numerous novels by devotion. A Harley Davidson pilot, man about dogs (and now cats), and an adventurer. I am a father to five and Pappa to eight and counting.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the bookstore . . . relieved that I was almost gone . . . no more sappy posts and weird Facebook comments about talking with Ana, Cat, Hunter, Trick and whomever.

Sorry, the adventures continue! More rants! More posts! Say it ain’t so!!!!

A while back, my brilliant agent, Kimberley Cameron, landed me a sweet deal with Level Best Books. Now, deals are always sweet no matter the publisher, but this one had some special sweetness to me. First, Level Best Books signed me to a multi-book, multi-year deal beginning with the re-issue of the Oliver “Tuck” Tucker mystery series—Dying to Know, Dying for the Past, and Dying to Tell. Formerly known as The Gumshoe Ghost (a moniker I loathe), it will now be The Dead Detective Casefiles. Level Best also signed for three new casefiles beginning with Dying With A Secret. Tuck, Angel, Bear, Hercule, and the gang ride again!  

But there’s more! Level Best Books has also signed me for my latest thriller, The Whisper Legacy, my newest thriller, coming out in early 2025. As I’m two-thirds done with the first sequel and hoping this turns into another series with Level Best, too.

Signing on as a “Bestie” (not beastie as many of you might think), I’ll be joining Level Best’s stable of award-winning and best-selling authors like: Colin Campbell; Annette Dashofy; Lee Matthew Goldberg; Rick Helms; Justin Kiska; James L’Etoile; Alan Orloff; Josh Pachter; Kerry Peresta; Nancy Cole Silverman; Heather Weidner; and of course, owner-author extraordinaire, Shawn Reilly Simmons. And these are just the authors I know!

I’m honored to be among these great authors and wonderful people at Level Best Books. 

So, just a few words on the new work coming out beginning this year: 

The Dead Detective Casefiles: The stories follow Oliver “Tuck” Tucker, a former Winchester, Virginia homicide detective killed in his own home. He goes on to hunt down his killer, and along the way, solves murders from the past. Each novel contains a modern-day murder. Each also contains a historical subplot, historically based in fact, and connected to the modern case. Tuck being a “Dead Detective” allows the two cases to be linked throughout the novel. The cases thus far, have uncovered Civil War mysteries and a serial killer; a World War II spy ring still operating in Virginia; and a World War II antiquities theft from Cairo, Egypt and a series of murders through the years. New stories will include the murder of a Federal Agent and a chaotic hunt for the historical “Beale Treasure.”  

The Whisper Legacy:  

Curran’s enemies thought he was dead.

They were wrong.

He thought his past was left on the Voula Beach Road.

He was wrong.

Now, that nightmare is drawing his enemies out.

The halls of power are being targeted—but by who?

Is the secret of the Voula Beach Road behind the chaos?

Curran knows the answer.

It’s all from The Whisper Legacy.

So stay tuned. In the coming months I’ll be introducing you to all the characters and offering up more storylines.  

Until then, thank you Kimberley and Shawn Reilly Simmons—Level Best Books—I am honored and thrilled to join the “Besties” (Again, not beastie).  

Until next time, Yasoo, Adieu, Adios, and all that—see ya soon! 


I first fell in love with writing while in grade school and over the years continued to dabble with characters and stories whenever life allowed. Lately, I've focused my energy on pursuing this dream—interrupted only by life as a security consultant and the demands of two Labrador retrievers.

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