Alas, it’s true. The Mayans have a calendar to tell us when the world ends. Cable channels have movies that play out our demise. Even my Labs know when doom approaches. Now, the world is certainly ending – I have a blog. Run. Save yourselves. No, don’t. Stay tuned and I hope to have a future blog announce a book sale. If not, you’ll be reading about my pain and agony and despair. Or not.

As my first post (I’ve never blogged and that might be evident about now), I suggest patience with me. I have so many folks to thank for getting my writing moving as it is that I cannot begin to list them. For a start, there is my mentor, two editors who are good friends, and my agent who has given me hope that I can really do this. You know who you are so thanks all!

I’ll let you know as things happen. No, there won’t be a big “Tj” signal flashing in the night sky or a secret code over your radio. But I’ll let you know. Thanks for tuning in and fingers crossed one of my books ends up on a shelf soon!