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Dying to Know has been recognized!

Gold Medal Winner—2015 Independent Publishers Book Award (Ippy) for Mysteries
Bronze Medal Winner—2015 Reader's Favorite Book Review Awards for Mysteries
Finalist—2015 Silver Falchion Award for Cozy Mysteries
Finalist—2014 Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Mystery Book of the Year


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Dying to Know

Kirkus Reviews: "O'Connor's debut in the increasingly crowded ghost-detective genre provides plenty of suspects and an eclectic mix of motives among the living."

Harriet Klausner: "I thoroughly enjoyed Dying to Know... this one definitely did not disappoint. Tuck's murder at the beginning set the stage for many surprises throughout the story...Tuck was a strong presence who kept the story flowing smoothly..."

Mystery Scene Magazine: "Tj O'Connor's debut novel, he gives readers an interesting premise and great characters... overall, a great start to a new series."

Laura Hartman, In my Words: "The novel starts out with the bang... Don't let all of this murder and mayhem stop you from enjoying the humor and fun in this mystery. It is a fun, fast read. I like the short chapters that call for me to read 'just one more' until I realize it is past midnight. O'Connor pays homage to one of my all-time favorite authors, Dame Agatha Christie but naming the delightful Lab Hercule and including an archaeological dig as part of the main storyline. Kudos to O'Connor on his debut novel. I cannot wait to hear more tales from the dead man in this series."

Omnimystery Reviews: "the murder mystery itself is a real puzzler, both for Tuck and the reader. A strong start to this series with more to come. As the mysterious Doc Gilley—who appears now and then to help Tuck stay the course—says at the end, 'Do you think you can solve one or two little murders and poof, you're home free?'"

New Book Journal: "A spirited, suspenseful, and sensational new read, Dying to Know sizzles from page one. Brimming with humor, a mesmerizing historical subplot, and true-to-life (and death) characters, Dying to Know is a clever and captivating tale. With its to-die-for plot, inventive and imaginative storyline, and unforgettable protagonist, Oliver Tucker, the determined departed detective, Dying to Know is a dynamic debut from a fantastic new voice in the world of mystery."

Future Mystery Anthology Magazine: "Dying To Know is charming, easy, fun read... Dying To Know is a fast read. You can almost feel the coolness of something in the air as Tuck tries to work. The story is delightful and told in such a way you can feel like you too are an invisible visitor to the various locations Tuck goes to. Fun! Dying To Know is a relaxing, cozy, that captures attention early and wants to read more. The characters are varied and well developed and creative. The dialogue is sleek and well crafted. Excellent read!" "It's got all of the elements you expect in any good mystery, betrayal, intrigue and murder along with family feuds, bitter rivalries, mob bosses, hired hit men and villainous industrialists. All that and a historical twist, another ancient mystery that unfolds concurrently with the main storyline. I found Dying To Know to be highly entertaining and completely addictive. It's a great debut into a competitive section of the crime genre and hopefully the first of many in this 'Gumshoe Ghost Mystery' series."

BookLoons: "Dying to Know is a first endeavor for TJ O'Connor—a successful one. His interpretation of the life—or non-life—after life ends is worth reading. I don't plan on being murdered, so I probably won't be able to test his fantasizing. But it sure makes a good read. I look forward to book number two..." "O'Connor does a wonderful job of conveying the feeling of urgency about the case as well as the frustration of Tuck adjusting to his new 'life' on the other side. The story is so good that readers may tend to momentarily forget that Tuck is a ghost..." "The author has created a unique new character and an amusing story that moves along right from the beginning. He doesn't skip a beat as he takes his characters back and forth between connecting with Tuck and not believing what is happening is real... check out Dying to Know and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy the ride."

Mystery Maven Blog: "Dying to Know is a fast-paced, humorous exploration of the netherworld and how life goes on after death. Inevitably crimes will be committed and, fortunately, Tuck will be on the job ready to investigate through the Gumshoe Ghost series."

Open Book "Well, this book was definitely a surprise... Just when I thought the book couldn't get any more interesting, I was delightfully surprised. I say that because I am a huge Civil War devotee, and intermingling with not only Tuck's murder, but others', is finding out that the dig at the farm has to do with the Civil War and brings elements of that into the story. Yet when you dig deeper into Tuck's murder, you will find that things are not always as they appear, and what does appear may not be what you see after all. Read the book."

Long and Short Reviews: "Dying to Know is a clever murder-mystery with a twist: the victim, a police detective, is investigating his OWN murder. Dying to Know kicks off with a shock: 'Someone killed me—murdered me in my own home.' O'Connor's dramatic start leads us into an intriguing puzzle... the mystery itself is well done, the writing beautiful and the story overall haunting, charming, and engaging. Do read."